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Winning in sales is not easy; especially when the rules of the game keep changing and competition is fierce. But for the winners, the prizes can be huge. At SalesWisdom we are committed to helping our clients with good selling - good selling that does good for your business, your people, your customers, your supply-chain and for your wider stakeholders. For us good selling means two things - selling with integrity and selling professionally in a challenging business world - full of risk as well as opportunity. As part of SalesFitness Group, SalesWisdom brings together the art, science and business of sales - blending experience and innovation to deliver results through development, processes and tools.

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Selling is Changing. Talk to us about developing people, processes and tools to enhance sales success in a changing world.

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Sales success should not just be "the mysterious domain of talented individuals" It also needs to involve processes, tools and skills that can be replicated and improved.

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What We Do

What We Do


Delivering the business result in a radically and rapidly changing environment is both important and difficult. FIT2SELL is our response to the need to succeed. The analytical phase of Fit2SELL combines long practical experience of sales performance improvement, robust thinking and innovative approaches. Over a four week period it provides the business leader with a clear, agreed and validated view of where the sales organisation is today, the goals that and must be achieved over the coming period and resourced, costed and planned route to get from A to B.

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What We Do


Key accounts can deliver a disproportionally significant result for a growing business. The analytical phase of FIT4KAM provides business leaders with a clear, agreed and validated view of the current state of key account management. It identifies where the business’ most important relationships could be strengthened and developed and establishes an agreed, resourced, costed and planned route to get from A to B.

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Customer Research

Understanding what your customers really think is the starting point for building a strategy to strengthen and grow the business. We combine proven methodologies with real-world experience and insightful analytics to help our clients understand and analyse their customers’ opinions, preferences and responses. The result is a clear plan to make the changes which you can be confident will make a real difference to your customers allowing you to target your resources and measure the change.

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What We Do


The members of our team work as “reflective practitioners” – very focused on actions and results but taking time to step back, observe what works and apply new thinking. Our insights are communicated through articles, posts, seminars, webinars, videos, podcasts and lectures. We are always open to share insights in conversation and to co-host videos and podcasts.

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What We Do


SalesWisdom accesses and contributes to research from thought leaders in the field of sales and commissions our own research. We w3ill continue to publish and curate research over the coming months.

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Working with the team has really reinvigorated our passion for keeping it simple and focusing on the things that matter.  In a time when we are all working out how do we ‘get back to normal’, focusing on clear data driven decisions that are linked to delivering real client value must be high on the list of what we need to do. Whilst I believe I have the best team in our industry, having this experienced set of ‘external eyes’ challenge and test us has been invaluable.

Phil Harland

Sales Director, Dimensions

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