Henry Colbeck is a major food service company with operations covering the north of England and Scotland. It primarily supplies fish and chip shops, both take away and restaurants. With almost 2500 customers the sales operation needs to be efficient and effective in order to cover the customer base, ensure that the category and product penetration per customer is maximised and that the customer experience is extremely positive.

With this in mind and with a recent change to the competitive environment HC engaged in a FIT2SELL to ensure that the senior team is managing both the internal and external sales resource to maximise opportunities and deliver growth.

Henry Colbeck

What we did

The business had been using SalesRelayTM as a recording and reporting tool for several years and FIT2SELL allows the application of this invaluable data to take sales management and sales performance to the next level.

The analytics from the Build-up phase led to a business improvement master plan containing the events, actions and activities to be undertaken to achieve the required changes.

Sales Wisdom service

The Results

  • An increase in sales force efficiency of 10%
  • Improvements in sales force activity aiming for an overall coverage of 85%
  • Overall performance improved ahead of target in very difficult market conditions
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