Advantex is a full-service IT communication and security system solution provider based in the North East of England. This is a family run business that has grown steadily over the last 10 years that has now taken the decision to accelerate using an aggressive organic growth plan. The company has household names as clients, e.g. Hitachi rail, Caterpillar, Newcastle Airport but wants to extend the range and reach of work with these types of customers and to win new ones.

Winning Price Increases

The Challenge

The principals have realised that the sales organisation that has delivered success to this point needed to be strengthened to handle accelerating growth.

The new approach would have to be practical and focussed on results, reflecting the size of the business today and be scalable as the business continues to grow.

SalesLevers stairs

What we are doing

The initial FIT2SELL Build-up has been followed by a 24-month rollout with discussions, workshops and development work each month.

The Results

Sales & Marketing Director Steve O’Connell describes the outcomes:

  • Development of Microsoft Dynamics to support the sales processes to improve conversion rates with both current and new customers.
  • Focussed elements of the new business acquisition process through a sectoral approach which has resulted in increased opportunity generation.
  • Restructured and grown the sales function resulting in increased sales result.
  • Accelerated and above target growth in opportunity generation and the company sales result.
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